Being in the World


“Being in the World” is a celebration of human beings, and our ability, through the master of physical, intellectual and creative skills, to find meaning in the world around us.

Hubert Dreyfus og Martin Heidegger danner et utgangspunkt i denne filmen om ekspertise. I filmen møter man filosofer og ulike mennesker som i sin utøvelse er sanne eksperter.

An Idea Takes Hold

Tao Ruspoli graduated with a degree in philosophy from UC Berkeley in 1998. The first philosophy course he took was called “Existentialism in Literature and Filme” taught by professor Hubert Dreyfus. This course inspired Tao to become a filmmaker and he went on to take all of Dreyfus’ courses, all of which had tremendous influence on him and his outlook on the world.

Ten years after graduating, Tao returned to Berkeley to revisit Dreyfus and was inspired to make Being in the World, as an attempt to bring these profound philisophical ideas to a non-academic audience. Dreyfus introduced Tao to all of his students who had now become well-known professors in their own right—from Sean Kelly at Harvard to Mark Wrathall at UC Riverside, as well as Taylor Carman, Iain Thomson, John Haugeland, and several others.

Tao and his team traveled to meet and interview each of these professors and then researched and found masters in different fields who best illustrated their ideas. This brought the team around the world where they had a chance to immerse themselves in the worlds of Japanese carpentry, Creole cooking, gypsy flamenco, and more.