23 things in Norway summarized

Michael Stephens gave a brilliant talk at IFLA about findings from the 23 things. In his talk he asked for experiences from other countries.

I decided to summarize the activities done in Norway and send him. This is what I sent:

Stephens conclusions is very similar to what we
see in Norway. For the participants it is mainly a personal experience that has promoted
confidence and curiosity in the participants.

The autumn of 2006 we where four Norwegian librarians that found the
American web page of 23 things. We started talking and planning for a
Norwegian version of the course. June 2007 the translation and
adaption was ready and we launched the page

In Denmark there is a conference called “Next library”. In june 2007 I
attended the conference together with colleagues from two county
libraries. We heard a talk given by Yarra Plenty in Australia
explaining how they had done 23 things. One of us even got a grant to
travel to Yarra Plenty to learn more. We found that the combination of
e-learning and seminars would work well in our counties.

In our three counties nearly 200 attended the course. Nearly 80%
finished all “the things”. The participants got a diploma and we
celebrated with an unconference

23 things started in three of the 19 counties in Norway. Since then
nearly every county has held the course. It is mainly the county
libraries that has hosted the course. All together nearly 1000 library
employees has been through the 23 things. In a small country like
Norway with only around 4000 library employees, that is quite a lot.

Since 2007 I have spent a lot of time on 23 things, as an instructor
and as a speaker all over Norway. I have even been in Helsinki talking
for academic librarians. I few years ago I gave a talk in London
together with a librarian from the University of Tromsø.
at Internet Librarian International in 2008. We did a survey together
that we presented.

I have also been training teachers at an upper secondary school in a
special version of 23 things.

In 2009 I was hired by the Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum
Authority to make a special version of 23 things for the ALM sector

To me 23 things has meant a lot professionally. The idea behind this
kind of course is great.

Innlegget som gjesteblogger på Michael Stephens Tametheweb http://tametheweb.com/2012/08/24/23-things-in-norway-a-ttw-guest-post-by-jannicke-rogler/

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